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Curry is a new flavour in our two-person household, the aromatic scent and earthy smells that charm my taste buds and inspire hunger pangs also make my son nervous.

Somehow before even tasting it, he associates the curry smell with something too hot to handle.
UCOOK and Chef Kevin Joseph’s Vegetable Korma and saag was flavourful enough to introduce him to all the great things a curry could be and mild enough to show him that flavour doesn’t have to burn your tongue.

The UCOOK range of heat and eat artisan meals offers a range of delicious meals, from recipes developed by some of South Africa’s best chefs heated and enjoyed in the comfort of your own home in a matter of minutes.

I shared a two-person Korma and saag meal developed by celebrated chef Kevin Joseph and it’s an experience we are definitely going to repeat.

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So what exactly are Korma and saag?

Korma is a type of curry that is cooked to be flavourful and hearty, capturing all of the traditional ‘curry flavours’ with only mild heat.
This makes it the perfect curry for the whole family, children included. With Chef Kevin Joseph’s culinary acumen; the complexity of the flavours comes as absolutely no surprise.
Saag is a wilted greens side dish often served with curries. It is typically cooked from spinach but can be made from other leafy greens depending on what is available in the region.
Served together with the korma, saag can sometimes be overwhelmed by the deep and rich curry flavours and simply become a different texture within the dish. By some gastronomical magic, this mild wilted spinach had a flavour of its own which was not only distinctly different to that of the korma but complemented it.

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Not pretty but pretty good

Curries aren’t the usually the prettiest foods and what UCOOK’s korma and saag meal lack in instagramable beauty, it more than makes up for in personality and flavour.
I baked the package in the oven as instructed and within minutes the kitchen was filled with the mouth-watering aroma that made waiting for the whole meal to defrost and warm up almost impossible.
No matter how it came out in the end there was no question we were going to eat it. While it was not pretty both the korma and the saag looked exactly as I expected them to and tasted even better than I expected (another gastronomical magic trick).
The only thing that I messed was a good carb, a bit of rice would have been great and a roti would have been better, just the edible tool to sop up all the curry goodness and leave my bowls clean.

A standing ovation for the packaging

My UCOOK meals were outside of the fridge for some time (unintentionally) yet even through the nap-inducing heatwave, my meals stayed frozen and perfectly packaged in a Styrofoam box with ice blocks.
All this; and no water leaks or unfortunate accidents even after a drive to in the sun that had me practically melting in my seat. This makes them the perfect first night at camp dinner because it travels so well. Reheating over a campfire might take some consideration, but the taste of artisan meals crafted by seasoned chefs under the open sky and around a campfire.

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