(By Motoring Correspondent)

Toyota’s Starlet has one glaring omission despite being a decent all-round car.

For moms and kids, one of the most important safety features on a vehicle is the ‘auto locking thingie’ that makes sure your doors are locked tight as you drive off.

I guess you will just have to learn to get into the habit of locking the doors manually. This can be done via the switch on the inside of the driver’s door. Just remember to do it before you start the car to give yourself a chance against the baddies – and also to stop your kids from jumping out the back on the way to school.

The other issue, albeit a small one, was that absolutely no one liked the dark grey and white striped floor mats. It’s different, but from a fashion-sense it simply doesn’t work. Isn’t the main purpose of zebra stripes other than appearing on a zebra’s hide to aid pedestrians in crossing the road?

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The Toyota Starlet (Image supplied)

Lots of positives

The positives are that the car is easy to manoeuvre, the accelerator is responsive, and the boot is big. With parking spaces at shopping malls and just about everywhere else seemingly getting smaller by the day, having something that can easily negotiate tight spaces is always a blessing; with the reverse camera being an added bonus.

The Starlet doesn’t feel powerful, but at least the accelerator responds nicely when you push it. In fact, I think the accelerator is more obedient than my children are. When you put your foot down, it listens and does exactly what you asked for. Them, not so much!

When I said the boot was big, I mean that the boot is deep… allowing me to pack all sorts of things in there without removing the boot cover. So many other hatchbacks these days have this flat floor thing going on, and this just kills your available boot space. The Starlet’s boot on the other hand is just begging to be filled with dozens of shoe boxes!

The Toyota Starlet (Image supplied)
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