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As October ends, Strawberry Lips #PinkDiaries kicks their campaign into hyperdrive to spread the message of Breast Cancer Awareness.

As a proudly fierce and feminine brand, South Africa’s best-loved strawberry cream liqueur, Strawberry Lips has always been a champion of women’s causes, the most important being their annual breast cancer awareness campaign to raise funds for PinkDrive and encourage women to be informed and take preventative measures.

Throughout Breast Cancer Awareness month, the brand has been sharing the journeys of 14 local celebrities and breast cancer survivors and how their lives have been affected by this disease, encouraging others to do regular self-examinations and check-ups. As the campaign has progressed, so have the voices raised by those reading the journeys of each woman.

Elinah Ngwenya

Inspired by other women’s battles and cancer journeys

Whether it is to share their own losses, as in the case of Nicky, “My Aunty Fran was a real fighter. Doctors gave her six weeks to live and she survived for 12 years. Despite having cancer, Aunty Fran was always a jolly person…”

Or that of Brenda who because of the loss of her mother and aunts to cancer she encourages all those in her life to get tested. “I’m so glad I convinced my colleague Sophy to go for a check-up. She did have it and it was already Stage 2.”

While others shared their own close calls or breast cancer journeys.

Michelle posted about how she was diagnosed with breast cancer in just June this year, “Early detection does save lives. Halfway through my radiation now.”

And Tracey-Lee, who like some of the #PinkDiaries survivors has a history of breast cancer. “In 2012 I discovered lumps in both my breast. Knowing my family history, I assumed the worst and I was in such a bad emotional space. It turned out to be Fibroid adenomas, which are benign lumps.”

Another woman, Christy weighed in on the conversation as someone who worked as a mammographer for several years. “I’ve heard all the excuses under the sun! But you are important to someone, and breast cancer also affects your family and those who love you. Get your checks done!”

Tanya Da Silva Ferreira

Strawberry Lips #PinkDiaries campaign

“The Strawberry Lips #PinkDiaries campaign has been amazing,” says #PinkDiaries survivor and founder of the Breast Cancer Awareness South Africa, Tanya Da Silva Ferreira. “For me it was all about supporting the fighters, admiring the survivors and honouring the taken.”

Single mom and breast cancer survivor Lindi Jacobs agrees, “I can’t thank #PinkDiaries enough for allowing me the experience to meet such awesome warriors and to create awareness to others. It inspired me”

Lindi Jacobs


Only we can change the dialogue around breast cancer. For more empowering stories and helpful information, head to the #PinkDiaries page.

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