The third season of @Lasizwe: Fake It Till You Make It came to a bittersweet end on Monday evening as the finale took us on an entertaining family vacation before reaching an emotional conclusion. 

The social media influencer-turned-reality-star has treated us to another exciting season of his hit show, taking us on interesting journeys including everything from pole dancing classes to Lasizwe’s dramatic social media hiatus. With all of the season’s escapades grabbing headlines, we were expecting an unforgettable finale and we got just that on Monday evening. 

The episode began with Lasizwe and his siblings embarking on an exciting family vacation to Cape Town. These particular scenes were clearly shot after the country had reached Lockdown alert Level 1 which allowed for increased travel within South Africa and Lasizwe wasted no time in organising a family trip to enjoy the new-found freedom. 

A family vacation like no other

There were some tense moments early on in the trip when Lasizwe opened up about his mental health to Shantal. He revealed that the reason why he had decided to (at least temporarily) quit social media was because of his ongoing battles with anxiety and depression. 

 Sphe Mkhize Praising Lasizwe (Image Credit:


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With more and more celebrities becoming advocates for protecting one’s mental health, Lasizwe saw it fit to not only open up about his own battles but encouraged anybody else who is going through similar struggles to speak up and seek help. 

Of course, it could never be a Lasizwe family trip without some occasional drama and almost from the moment that they arrived, you could tell that some topics needed to be addressed

Lungile steals the show – And our hearts!

When Lungile was put in the spotlight for stealing his sister’s big moment (he told their father she was pregnant before she could!) Which opened up a discussion about just how “overprotective” Lungile is of his siblings. Despite the fact that he was being roasted on television, on Twitter, it was another matter. 

Lasizwe’s older brother has stolen hearts throughout the season and in this finale, he was another entertaining highlight. When it was time for the crew to try out riding Segways, Lungile’s excitement (and over-eagerness) had viewers rolling on the floor with laughter.  That was nothing compared to his comments when Khanyi Mbau decided to treat everybody to a yacht party, however. 

When Khanyi and the other sisters requested blankets to keep themselves warm while on the yacht, Lungile launched a tirade claiming that the girls were ruining the aesthetic of the entire occasion! His larger-than-life antics have been a highlight of the season and fans could not hide just how much they were going to miss his presence on their screens. 


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The finale was as entertaining and engaging as we had hoped it would be, which made the emotional ending that much more difficult for us to watch. 

Death be not proud 

Upon returning from their lavish getaway, Lasizwe and his siblings were greeted with the worst possible news: that their father had passed away suddenly. Although many of us knew that this had happened in real life, it didn’t make it any easier to watch on television as a clearly distraught Lasizwe struggled to process the emotions. 

Khanyi Mbau, known for her resilience and toughness, showed a more compassionate side to her personality when she comforted Lasizwe and her other siblings during their moments of grief. 


Khanyi Mbau praised by Tshepho Ranko. (image credit:


Social media users not only applauded Khanyi for supporting her family but took a moment to pass on their condolences to Lasizwe who still had some unfinished business to address with his late father. 

Despite the sad note on which the season ended, social media users were left demanding a fourth season of the MTV Africa reality show.

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