Zodwa Wabantu’s famous ex-boyfriend, Vusi Buthelezi, has taken a serious step in his own love life after paying lobola for his new girlfriend this past weekend. 

Vusi Buthelezi is perhaps most famous for dating Zodwa Wabantu for over a year, but their relationship came to a screeching halt during lockdown after she discovered that he had fallen for a much younger woman. It appears as if that new flame has only continued to burn because over the course of the past weekend, Vusi took an important step as he sent his uncles to introduce his family to hers as they commenced lobola negotiations. 

A traditional affair

Vusi and his new bae Thenjiwe looked regal as they donned matching traditional outfits this weekend, confirming that their lobola negotiations had proceeded successfully. He posted a picture of himself alongside his new wife on Instagram and praised her family by chanting Thenjiwe’s clan names in the caption of his heartfelt post. 

Although many of his close friends and family were happy for him, Mzansi’s nosiest peeps couldn’t help but wonder how Zodwa was taking the news. Vusi and Thenjiwe’s traditional union came less than 3 months after the once infamous “Ben 10” left Zodwa Wabantu under controversial circumstances. 

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One messy breakup!

Back in August, Zodwa made headline news after she accused her ex-boyfriend of defrauding her and using her for financial gain during their one-year love affair. She claimed that he had used her name in order to secure himself a brand new vehicle at an Audi Dealership, before demanding that he return all of the expensive gifts he had given her during their relationship. 



The breakup became even messier after social media users discovered that Vusi had moved on extremely quickly

Less than a few weeks after the accusations by Zodwa, Vusi was pictured having lunch with an attractive and much-younger lady, leaving many social media users to come to their own conclusions. 

It seems as if the former lovers have been able to put their differences behind them because Zodwa has not had anything to say about Vusi paying Lobola for his new wife. Instead, after two high profile breakups in two years, one hopes that 2021 will hold better fortunes for her love life. 

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