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After Katlego Maboe’s cheating confession rocked the nation, Nikita Murray (his alleged flame) and her legal team are poised to make a statement. Expresso’s producers and OUTsurance have also issued statements in recent hours…

The fallout from Katlego Maboe’s incriminating viral video has continued well into Friday morning and things are not looking good for the SAFTA-winning presenter. In case you missed the dramatic events from Thursday evening, a video of Katlego confessing to cheating on his wife Monique Muller was leaked to the public and in the 2-minute clip, the Expresso presenter not only admits to the indiscretion, but he also names the woman with whom he allegedly had an affair: Nikita Murray.

Who’s the ‘other woman’?

Social media users were quick to uncover information about the alleged “other woman” before it was discovered that she used to work for OUTsurance. This is the same insurance brand which has featured Katlego on its wildly successful “Chencha Daai Ding” campaign in 2020.

OUTsurance spokesperson, Natasha Kawulesar, told All4Women that “The person mentioned is an ex-employee. She has not worked for us in almost two years, since December 2018.”

The woman, who is named as “Nikita Marray” in the initial video, is also allegedly married.

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A social media account in her name, which has not been verified, commented on the trending video with a plea to take it down. “This video has caused nothing but pain to me and my family. An official statement will be released in the morning from my lawyers. I kindly ask that you please take it down and stop retweeting please.”

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Nikita Murray’s Response To Katlego Maboe’s Viral Video. (Image Credit:

Cardova Productions and OUTsurance Respond

Meanwhile, Cardova Productions – the media house which produces SABC 3’s morning show Expresso – as well as OUTsurance, have both issued statements of their own. The sentiments are similar in both statements as they have declared that they will be temporarily pausing Katlego’s appearances on both the breakfast show and the latter’s television commercials. 

Part of Cardova Productions’ statement read, “We condemn any acts of violence and mistreatment, especially against women and children, and therefore take such allegations very seriously. Until such time as the matter has been fully investigated, and pending the outcome, Katlego Maboe will not be appearing on The Expresso Morning Show.”

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While OUTsurance Spokesperson Natasha Kawulesar said on behalf of the brand, “Following media reports of infidelity and an acrimonious marital relationship, including alleged physical abuse, involving Katlego Maboe, OUTsurance has engaged extensively with Katlego. It was decided that Katlego and his family should be afforded the space and time to deal with this matter. 

“As part of that discussion, the proposal was to – in the meantime – suspend all advertisements featuring Katlego. OUTsurance remains of the opinion that the matter should be resolved in private.

“It is important to note that Katlego is not an OUTsurance employee nor a permanent contractor to OUTsurance. He is a professional actor who is paid on a campaign by campaign basis.

“Katlego has received his full compensation from OUTsurance for all past as well as the current campaign in which he was featured. This includes performance as well as full usage fees for the entire campaign.

“We also want to clarify that Nikita Murray is not a current OUTsurance employee. She last worked for the company in 2018. Katlego and Nikita met independently and not via any relation to OUTsurance.”

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Katlego Maboe has not shared any further comments since he shared a statement of his own on social media on Thursday night. Katlego admitted to the infidelity but denied abusing his wife in any way. He also confirmed that proceedings to formalise a separation were underway. 

This is a developing story and we will share more details as they become available. 

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Katlego Maboe

Katlego Maboe infidelity: Nikita Murray finally speaks out – through her legal team

On Thursday, in an interview with TimesLive, Nikita’s legal team slammed the “malicious” video, and released a statement on behalf of Nikita Murray and her husband, Matthew.
Nikita’s lawyer is Vincent Bergh of Liquor Law and Business Consultants. He noted that she had undergone a medical test which proved that she did not have an STD.

Katlego Maboe

Katlego Maboe: What happened in court? Docket & date bungle

The case against TV presenter Katlego Maboe, laid by his estranged partner, Monique Muller, did not take place on Tuesday after the docket was not brought to court…

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A damning video showing Katlego Maboe’s wife berating him for cheating on her went viral. The clip had Mzansi in the edge of its seat, waiting to see what happened next. Less than 24 hours later, Katlego’s reputation was muddied and his career hung in the balance.

Katlego Maboe

Katlego Maboe set to appear in court for allegedly violating protection order

TV presenter and performer Katlego Maboe is set to appear in court today (Tuesday, 03 November) after allegedly breaching the terms of a protection order which his wife had put out against him.