The family of the late musical icon Lebo Mathosa, is dealing with rumours after certain media outlets incorrectly reported that they had found the singer’s “long lost daughter”…

Queen Mathosa-Nkosi, the sister of Lebo Mathosa, tweeted her frustrations after several misleading reports claimed that the late Kwaito legend had mothered a child that none of us knew about. It seems as if the story stemmed from a viral Twitter trend that went a bit too far.

My mom vs me 

There’s a new trend on social media every week, and one particular challenge that gained traction during the final weeks of October was the “My Mom (or Dad) vs Me” challenge. The trend sees users post a picture of themselves alongside a typically older celebrity who looks just like them. The trend was started as a joke, with many participants simply taking the time to pay homage to their celebrity lookalikes. 

However, the trend took a slightly misleading turn when one user joined in and joked that Lebo Mathosa was “my late mom” alongside a picture of “me”. It has to be said that the resemblance between the two was profound and it came as no surprise that some genuinely believed that she could have been the late Boom Shaka star’s daughter. 

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Lebo Mathosa did NOT have a daughter

Despite the similarities in their features, it should have been known that the two women are not related at all. However, a number of news sites missed the memo and instead of verifying the claims, they ran with stories titled “Meet Lebo Mathosa’s Daughter”. 

The news circulated far and wide and it did not take long for the reports to reach the Mathosa household. Queen Mathosa-Nkosi was forced to make a statement on Twitter where she slammed any suggestion that her sister had any unknown children.

In the heat of her frustration she wrote, “Journalists who run stories based on what people say on Twitter cause so much damage. Malome called me so early this asking me who this girl claiming to be Lebo’s child is. He was soooo[sic] upset cos someone sent him the “headline” via WhatsApp” 

The anniversary of Lebo Mathosa’s death

What made matters even worse for the family is that these reports were published just days before the anniversary of Lebo Mathosa’s passing. The Brand New Day hitmaker passed away on the 23rd of October 2006 (14 years ago on this day – at the time of writing) and the lack of sensitivity shown by the journalists involved prompted Queen to consider taking legal action for the reckless reporting. 

In all of this, the young girl who unknowingly sparked this drama, has not commented on the backlash from the family. Queen Mathosa-Nkosi acknowledged the satirical nature of her original post, before adding that she would have to explain that the young lady was joking to the rest of the Mathosa family. 

For what it’s worth, many were taken aback by the woman’s resemblance to Lebo. Many others were convinced that there was more to it than looks after the 25-year-old admitted that she too was an up and coming singer. One wonders if this dramatic ordeal will have unknowingly given her career a timely boost. 

Do you have a celebrity lookalike who some might suspect is related to you? 

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