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This is the moment police officers helped free a woman after a python coiled around her foot and refused to let go…

The video was captured with the officers’ body-cameras during a bizarre rescue at a home in the Ferny Grove suburb in the city of Brisbane, the state capital of Queensland in eastern Australia.

The exact date of the incident is unclear but the video was shared by the Queensland Police Service last week.

The video shows the moment cops exit their patrol car upon arriving at the residence. The officers can be heard asking the woman (who has requested not to be named) if she is okay.

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“Pretty snake”

The video cuts to show the woman bending over, and petting the python, reported to be two metres (6.5 feet) long. It is wrapped tightly around the woman’s right leg as an officer jokes “You are petting a snake”. Another person bursts out laughing.

The cops are then seen forcing the snake off the soman’s leg. She can be heard apologising, explaining that would not have called if anybody else were available to help her as they finally manage to free her.


Officers, who assumed that the snake was a pet, asked the woman if she wanted help placing the animal in its pen. At which point she reveals “He is not mine, he is wild”.

The python is seen trying to go back to the house even after it is was placed in a green area as the video ends.

Pythons are non-venomous snakes but are some of the largest in the world.

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