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One of the most common fear for breastfeeding mother’s is that their bodies aren’t producing enough milk for their growing babies

Increasing your milk supply can give you some relief and could mean you are able to build up a good sore of breast milk for your baby for times when you aren’t home or just need a break.

While eating to increase your milk supply isn’t an exact science some moms have said that these foods have helped them increase their milk supply. Try them in these delicious recipes that are great for the whole family.

More barley, less beer

There is an old-wives tale that a glass of beer every other day can help increase your milk supply. While drinking beer regularly while breastfeeding could have some negative effects, eating the barley alone gives you all the benefits and none of the boozy cons.

Barley is high in beta-glucan which is said to increase prolactin and breastmilk production.

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Barley & Mushroom Risotto recipe

All kinds of oats

Oats is more versatile than you think you can have it as a sweet or savoury meal, bake it in muffins, cookies and simply have it as breakfast porridge.

Like barley, oats is rich in beta-glucan and is also rich in iron which is said to contribute to better breastmilk production

Peanut Butter Power Oats recipe


Fenugreek is not a hormone; it is a seed with a naturally occurring precursor to oestrogen which many believe can increase milk production.
Some believe that milk ducts are closely related to sweat glands and because fenugreek can stimulate sweat glands, it can do the same for milk ducts.

Savoury Fenugreek and Coriander Pancakes recipe

Jungle Juice

One of the most popular brews to help increase milk supply is jungle juice. There are a few reasons why jungle juice is such a popular remedy. the best has to be that many women have actually seen an increase in their milk supply almost immediately.

Jungle juice isn’t a medication or drug and works by increasing the energy of a nursing mother making everything in her body works better, including milk production. The increased energy from the sweet concoction can be spread out through the day by having drunk of the juice every so often

Try jungle juice for breastfeeding


Berry drink with fresh blueberries and raspberries, berry ice lemonade in a glass



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