Kerry Katona’s son ran up a £550 (around R11,700) bill playing Xbox.

The former Atomic Kitten singer – who has Molly, 19, Lilly-Sue, 17, Heidi, 13, Max, 12, and six-year-old DJ from previous relationships – was left furious when she discovered the unexpected charge on her debit card, but admitted it’s made her realise she and her partner Ryan Mahoney need to keep a closer eye on her brood.

She said: “I could’ve killed my Max last week – the little terror managed to wrack up charges of £550 on his Xbox.

“God knows how, I think he was buying extras and my bank card was linked to the account, but it’s a real lesson for me and Ryan – keep an eye on it.”

Max has been handed some tough punishments as a result of his accidental spending spree, but has taken them on board with good grace.

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Kerry added: “As a result I’ve had Max clean up all the dog poo in the garden, he’s grounded for the rest of his life and he’s not going on holiday with his friend next year.

“He took it all on the chin to be fair to him, but still, he can’t be doing that again. I’m not made of money!”

Max isn’t the only gamer in the household as Kerry’s youngest daughter is a big fan of ‘Fortnite’, despite it having a PEGI age rating of 12.

Writing in her column for new! magazine, Kerry said: “My DJ’s still so little but she loves her computer games! I thought most six year olds would be into toys and dolls and teddies and not bleedin’ Fortnite, but what do I know?”

Author: BANG Showbiz