Chefs are the superheroes of the kitchen with the skills and finesse to make complex, intricate and simply delicious meals that would take the lowly mortal hours to make in just minutes.

We watch their TV shows, read their books and stalk their Instagram and they become our alter egos when we throw down in the kitchen. Today we’re celebrating international chef’s day and all those amazing people who turn an everyday chore into pure art.

Here’s why we are so grateful for these chefs:

Chef Mogau Seshoene

 Not so long ago cookbooks and cooking shows were all about foreign cuisine, fancy food you were never really sure you’d like and ingredients that would cost your whole salary and whatever credit you had on your credit card.

We are so grateful for Chefs like Chef Mogau Seshoene AKA The Lazy Makoti for teaching us how to cook delicious South African food and shame all those judgy mothers-in-law.

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Chef Julia Childs

The Godmother of every celebrity chef there is and ever will be has got to be Julia Childs, the first to ever do it.

Indulgence, perseverance, determination, sass and a huge dose of talent, the ingredients for an entertaining cooking show all of which Julia had in barrels.


Julia Childs debuted her cooking show “The French Chef” in 1963 laying a path for all our favourites to follow and also introducing the world to the magic of television that saw cakes baked in the oven to perfection in a matter of seconds.

Chef Gordon Ramsay

He’s everyone’s favourite angry uncle and while he seems to have mellowed out, there was a time when Gordon Ramsay could make a sailor blush.

While he is entertaining, our favourite thing about international sensation Gordon Ramsey is that we can taste his world-class recipes at our local grocery store. Even though the recipes developed by Gordon and his Daughter Matilda are meant for kids. They’re fantastic at any age.

And then, of course, there are the bleeping marvellous memes.

Chef Zola Nene

She tamed Gordon Ramsay with her sweetness and even taught him how to cook some South African favourites. We love Chef Zola Nene and her simple and easy way of turning just about anything into a five-star meal.

Her down to earth recipes makes tasting the world from your little corner of SA possible. At the end of every day, there are very few things we’d love more than magically arriving at Chef Zola’s doorstep for a taste of whatever she’s cooking.

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Chef Lesego Semenya

Sharing is caring and we love a chef who cares. Les Da Chef, as he is affectionately known has shared his wisdom with his social media followers over the years and while we may disappoint him from time to time with our attempts at mimicking his recipes, we know exactly who to tag in our successful braai pics and screenshots of people complimenting our homemade wors.

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Chef Dorah Sitole

At one point or another, we’ve all tasted Chef Dorah’s recipes. The doyen of South African cooking, Chef Dorah has been the food editor of most of South Africa’s most prominent magazines, developed recipes for all our favourite food brands over her 40-year food career. She has inspired many women across the country to make their homes the place to be for a good home-cooked meal.


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