First it was chocolate log, then it was Nestlé Milkybar Peanut, now another iconic name is being discontinued…

According to the Coca-Cola Company, the TaB beverage is one of the products that it has been identified for discontinuation over the next two years. TaB was the company’s first ever ‘diet’ soft drink and became a cultural icon in the 80s. However, its popularity has dwindled over the years.

Cath Coetzer, global head of innovation and marketing operations, The Coca-Cola Company says that the company plans to retire TaB globally.

“This move is part of a global portfolio refresh, prioritising category-leading brands with the greatest potential for scale,” says Coetzer.

RIP: More Nestlé chocolates to be cut from shelves

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“Thinking Differently”

“We’re challenging ourselves to think differently about our brands to accelerate our transformation to a total beverage company,” says Coetzer.

“This isn’t about paring down to a specific number of product offerings under our brands. The objective is to drive impact and growth. It’s about continuing to follow the consumer and being very intentional in deciding which of our brands are most deserving of our investments and resources.”

What ‘diet’ sodas are still available?

“For those consumers who prefer low calorie / low kilojoule, caffeine-free beverages, we continue to offer Coca-Cola No Sugar No Caffeine in South Africa,” says Coetzer.

The company hasn’t decided on the exact date that the TaB line will be discontinued, so if you’re a fan of the iconic drink, stock up your shelves ASAP, before it’s gone.

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