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South African women are joining the #PinkDiaries conversation with Strawberry Lips and breast cancer survivors, warriors and champions, chatting candidly about their journey.


On 1 October this year, Strawberry Lips launched its October Breast Cancer campaign, #PinkDiaries, which brought together women united in their aim to spread awareness that early cancer detection can save lives.

This past week, we learned about these amazing women and their journey to breast health:

Sibongile Mafu

Breast Cancer Champion and KFM radio personality Sibongile Mafu knows personally the devastation that can be caused by breast cancer, having lost two of the most important women in her life to it.

To honour them, she uses her voice to spread the message of early detection. “Awareness is crucial, but so is taking action, getting tests done and checking your breasts regularly,” she says. “If like me, you have a history of breast cancer in your family, then you have an added responsibility to check yourself.”

Jana Hurter

What Jana Hurter thought was just an itch, led to a breast cancer diagnosis. Throughout her treatment, she found comfort in her students and staying creative. “I always tell people, if laughter is the best medicine then creativity is the best therapy.”

One year after her diagnosis, she was given the good news – she was cancer-free. “I lost my grandmother when she found a lump and didn’t act on it, because she was too afraid of what it might be, and she lost her life because of it. It’s important to know that if you find a lump, it isn’t the end of your life, but if you don’t act on it and get treatment, it will be,” she explains.

Jana Hurter
Jana Hurter

Tanya Da Silva Ferreira

When Tanya Da Silva Ferreira got her breast cancer diagnosis, she thought that it would be the end of her life.

But, really it was the start of something wonderful. Eight years later, she’s here to proudly proclaim she’s a breast cancer survivor and is using her journey to help others.

After her diagnosis, Tanya created the community Breast Cancer Awareness South Africa where they support others on their journey to recovery.

“Many women are too scared about what the outcome could be so they don’t go for their tests, but I and these amazing survivors who are a part of #PinkDiaries are living testament that early detection saves lives.”

Tanya Da Silva Ferreira
Tanya Da Silva Ferreira

Chantelle van Dyk

For Chantelle van Dyk, her hair had always been her crown but after her breast cancer treatment, she knew that she was more than just her outside appearance, she was also a survivor.

“We need to talk more freely about breast cancer, it’s not contagious, you can’t pass it on to another person,” says Chantelle. In fact, throughout her cancer journey she shared what she was going through with her children and that once her daughter is old enough, she’ll take her for regular breast check-ups.

“I believe that after you turn 18, you should go every year to have your breasts examined by a doctor,” she explains. “If I hadn’t checked my breasts and found a lump myself, I wouldn’t have gone at all to have them checked by my doctor.”

If you can help one person to get screened, then that’s one more life saved

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