Last updated on Jun 23rd, 2021 at 03:48 pm

You may not be able to show off your trendy lip colour, but you don’t have to choose between healthy lips and hands and safety

Avon has shared some tips and products you can use to stay gorgeous while you stay safe.

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Our lives have changed indefinitely and one of the hardest-hit parts of our bodies is our skin, specifically on our hands. Frequently sanitizing your hands is an unavoidable part of post-pandemic safety; however, the high alcohol content and germ-killing power of the sanitisers we’ve grown to love and depend on can also be harmful to our skin.

“Hand care is so important to keep the harsh effects of cleansing alcohol at bay. Apply your favourite hand cream liberally after sanitising hands to keep hands moisturised, hydrated and healthy. Avon Care Concentrated Hand Balm is perfect to remedy very dry hands,” said Avon.

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Why your hand cream should have Vitamin E in it

One of the biggest selling points for hand creams and moisturisers is that it is rich in Vitamin E. Although most of us know to look out for Vitamin E in our skincare products, some of us aren’t sure why Vitamin E is good for our skin.

Avon says, not only is Vitamin E good for the skin, it is essential for maintaining healthy skin.

“Vitamin E is an essential nutrient with anti-inflammatory properties, so it helps support skin health, nourishing and protecting your skin. So the added moisturising and healing benefits of Vitamin E in a hand cream will help protect your skin even more against the harmful effect of sanitiser use.”

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Don’t get mask face

Wearing a mask throughout the day is not only uncomfortable but it also changes what your skin has to deal with. Your skin may be exposed to sun and fresh air in the past, now it is exposed more to the steam and hot environment beneath your mask which can be stifling and create the need for a whole new skin routine.

“Skin preparation is key, always ensure you are starting with a fresh foundation to prevent clogging pores, and just as important is ensuring you are removing the products you have applied at the end of the day. The Avon Skincare Institute has ensured our products contain the right ingredients, backed by science. To start the day with the right skin preparation, Avon recommends your morning skincare regime includes Cleansing, toning and maintaining hydration throughout the day,” said Avon.

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