“We are working from the premise that there is no shortage of work to be done to address the many social problems in our society.”


In this week’s letter to the nation, South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa focussed on highlighting the key elements of his Employment Stimulus plan…

He detailed how the government is putting resources towards helping to create jobs in the country, and at the same time uplift societies.

“We have to achieve an economic recovery that is swift and inclusive. We have to get as many of our people as possible working again,” said the President. “We also have to regain lost ground in the provision of basic services and critical infrastructure, addressing social challenges and transforming townships and rural communities too.”

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Here are seven key areas the plan is focussing on:

  1. Focus on employment: “The Presidential Employment Stimulus is unprecedented in its scale and breadth, involving a public investment of R100 billion over the next three years.”
  2. Focus on social upliftment: “We are working from the premise that there is no shortage of work to be done to address the many social problems in our society.”
  3. Focus on education: “The stimulus includes a new national programme to employ teaching and school assistants in schools.”
  4. Focus on employing graduates: “Public employment is not just for unskilled work. There is a cross-cutting focus on graduates, with opportunities for nurses, science graduates, artisans and others.”
  5. Focus on job protection: “Support will be provided to Early Childhood Development practitioners, mainly self-employed women. Over 74,000 small farmers will also receive production input grants.”
  6. Focus on arts & culture support: “As a nation, we need arts and culture to lift our spirits once more – the stimulus provides new funding to help the sector back onto its feet, including support to digital content-creation and expansion of e-commerce platforms.”
  7. Focus on internet access: “To overcome the digital divide, the stimulus will provide affordable, high-speed broadband to low-income households through innovative connection subsidies and the expansion of free public WiFi.”

“Through the interventions in the stimulus, we are creating work for those who need it, while leaving a lasting impact on entire communities,” said President Ramaphosa. “The employment stimulus is not about vague commitments for some time in the future, but about jobs being created right here and now.”

Read the FULL LETTER from President Ramaphosa here.


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