All4Women chatted to Director of The Beast Foundation Kuziva Mtawarira about her marriage to rugby pro, Tendai Mtawarira, and how they keep the flame alive…

The couple have been married for ten years and have two children together, aged seven and nine.

“I was first attracted to his gentleness and unassuming manner and of course his voice and smile,” recalls Kuziva. She is the director of The Beast Foundation, which is named after her husband. The Foundation helps young people gain access to sports training, skills development and essential education. It uses the power of sport to transform communities in south Africa.

Despite their busy schedules, the couple keep the romance alive in their relationship by spending as much time together as possible.

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The family has a sense of adventure, “we’re always travelling together,” says Kuziva.

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But when it comes to romance, the key is in the ‘small things’.

“Romance for us is in the little things such as Tendai serving me a plate of food every evening, or getting me a bouquet of flowers on a random day.”

Kuziva describes their perfect date as “renting a boat or taking a gondola ride on a lake followed by a picnic and some cloud spotting.”

The busy mom ensures that although their dad is famous, the children develop their own identities outside their dad’s career and public image.

“Yes sometimes we might get a little tangled in his fame. But I’ve always reinforced it in my children that their father is the famous one not them. So they don’t try ride on his fame.”

She says that home should be a safe space for everyone to just ‘be themselves’.

“ So when Tendai is at home he’s simply dad.”

Kuziva believes that working moms and dads can do the same by prioritising the different roles they play at different times. “Never bring work home, and spend some quality time with the family. I understand it is easier said than done but, one has to be intentional.”

When it comes to maintaining strong, resilient relationships, Kuziva says the best relationship advice she’s ever been given was: “I must know who I am, before I am or become anyone’s anything.”

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