7de Laan actress Danielle Retief has shared her experience on being body-shamed

But for the actress – who plays newcomer Nikki Basson – it’s all about being ridiculed and even insulted over her small frame.

Speaking to All4Women, the 29-year-old said: “People have called me ‘anorexic’, ‘skeleton’ and even ‘corpse’. They’ve even tried to advise me on what to eat in order to ‘fix myself’, when in fact I live a very healthy lifestyle and have a dancer’s background”.

And Danielle has said the comments have been nothing short of cruel.

“I’ve had comments on views that I don’t look like an ‘Afrikaans Christian girl’, when I have never had the intention whatsoever to market myself as one….the audience have been so unnecessarily critical and hostile.

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“I am very transparent about who I am; and that is ambitious, forward thinking and the fact that I don’t fit into any stereotypical mould”.


Danielle also revealed her frustrations at fans wanting to downplay her experiences and feelings

“Whenever I publicly point out injustices from men and women, I receive messages like ‘that girl shouldn’t be that upset or aggressive’. This is unacceptable, considering how important it is to speak out about grievances against women.

“We cannot keep our society ignorant, because where is then room for growth?”.



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And she has a message to all her shamers too…

“I understand that everyone has a right to an opinion, but one should be very careful that your opinion is not based on hate or insecurity.

“Luckily I have a thick skin; I can handle lots of critique, but not everyone can or should have to.

“Cyberbullying and body-shaming can be incredibly harmful and can negatively impact on someone’s emotional, psychological and physical wellbeing. Think before you speak or post online.”