Wouldn’t it be nice if you could eat one thing that would melt away the fat? The only burn you’d feel in return is a short-lived tingle on your tongue- a small price to pay

There are several health benefits to eating chillies and other hot peppers and weight loss can be one of them.

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Chillies can prevent the growth of fat cells

Research conducted in Taiwan and published in American Chemical Society showed that capsaicin, the same natural compound that gives peppers their hot taste stopped immature fat cells from growing.

While it didn’t stop fat cells from forming it did stop existing cells from growing which could be beneficial in maintaining weight and aid weight loss too.

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Turn up the heat and burn some calories

There is growing evidence that the body-heat-generating power of peppers might even lend a hand in our quest to lose those extra inches accumulating around our collective national waistline. And fortunately for those of us who don’t appreciate the “burn” of hot peppers, there are plants that make a non-burning version of capsaicin called dihydrocapsiate (DCT) that could have the benefits of peppers without the pungency.


In a study designed to test the weight-loss potential of this DCT containing, the non-spicy cousin of hot peppers, researchers at the UCLA Centre for Human Nutrition set out to document its ability to increase heat production in human subjects consuming a weight-loss diet. Under the direction of David Heber (Professor of Medicine and Public Health), they recruited 34 men and women who were willing to consume a very low-calorie liquid meal replacement product for 28 days. The researchers then randomized the subjects to take either placebo pills or supplements containing the non-burning DCT pepper analogue.

Two dosage levels of DCT were tested. At the beginning and end of the study, body weight and body fat were assessed, and the researchers determined energy expenditure (heat production) in each subject after he or she consumed one serving of the test meal.

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Spice up your life

Simply eating chillies won’t make a drastic or even visible change to your weight. To get the best of the fat-fighting power of chillies, you need to make eating chillies part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle.
Include fresh chillies as a condiment or to boost flavour and keep your food interesting and tasty without sauces, seasoning and extra salt that could affect your weight and health negatively.
Use chillies to boost your weight loss rather than relying on chillies alone to melt away the fat for the best results.


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Does eating chillies help you lose weight?

There are several health benefits to eating chillies and other hot peppers and weight loss can be one of them…

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