Very few people actually know their body type, or even what a body type is, but don’t worry you are about to find out

Ever wondered why you never gain weight despite always eating, or asked yourself why you keep gaining weight despite exercising or going on diets? Well, your body type might be the reason.

Body types are determined by the way your body is shaped and its ability to lose and gain weight or muscle. There are three main body types that most people have. These are ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph.

This article will focus on how to determine if you are an ectomorph and provide tips on the types of food you should be eating.

There numerous well-known celebrities who are ectomorphs, including Duchess Kate, and they have learned to eat and exercise according to their body type.

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Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, during a visit to a baby bank in Sheffield, United Kingdom, where she helped unload a pallet of deliveries and sort donations before speaking with families about their experience of baby banks. Image:


If you want to find out what your body type is, you can take this free quiz.

What is an ectomorph body type?

An ectomorph has a high metabolic rate, a skinny body and finds it hard to gain weight even when eating enough or build muscle despite exercising.

According to WebMD, “The ectomorph type has a narrower frame, thinner bones, and smaller joints, and may be flatter in the chest and butt”.

These are some of the characteristics of an ectomorph listed on healthline:

  • Small frame size
  • Little body fat
  • Long and lean
  • Little muscle mass
  • Difficulty gaining weight

What to eat if you are an ectomorph

Everyday Health says that ectomorphs should follow a diet that is high in carbs and proteins but low in fat. However, carbs should be eaten in moderation.

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These are some of the foods that you should be eating if you are an ectomorph

Meat & fish – chicken, steak, beef, seafood, eggs

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Vegetables – green beans, broccoli, squash, cauliflower, sweet potato

Fruits – mangos, apples, bananas, oranges, berries

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Other foods – peanuts, almonds, oats, low fat milk/yoghurt, whole-wheat bread, pasta

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