Television presenter, Leanne Manas is celebrating her 46th birthday today, but instead of receiving gifts, she’s handing them out…

The presenter posted a photograph of herself skydiving on her Instagram account, with the caption, “Me dropping into my next year of this life! May the shoot open soon…” but it was not her dare-devil stunt that had Twitter talking.


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Me dropping into my next year of this life! May the shoot open soon 殺殺#happybirthdaytome

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On Wednesday morning, Twitter user, Lebohang Mthimkhulu (@PapaGaOnaOraOfi) shared a desperate plea for food on the platform and tagged Leanne Manas and the Morning Live team.“This so hard for me to do as a man but my family and I haven’t eaten in two days. I’m desperately asking for food that’s going to expire soon.

For my kids andwife. I’ll also spare my share of the food for them. Please,” he wrote.Manas responded to his tweet saying that there was a present from her in his bank account.“You have a present from me to you in your account for you and your family! May this be the turning point of your fortune. Send love to your family,” she responded.Twitter users wished the presenter a happy birthday, and thanked her for reaching out to the desperate dad.

Devastating impact of coronavirus pandemic on economy

The past few months have force thousands of South Africans into desperate economic situations. The Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown led to over two million South Africans losing their jobs.Families are struggling to buy basic food essentials as grocery prices have also skyrocketed.Over the past few months, the Pietermaritzburg Economic Justice & Dignity Group (PMBEJD) has conducted research into the rising cost of groceries and core food items in the country.

The average cost of the Household Food Basket in September was R3 783,16 according to the PMBEJD. “This is well beyond the affordability thresholds of families living on low incomes,” says Mervyn Abrahams, Programme Coordinator at PMBEJD. “The National Minimum Wage for this same period was R3 487,68.”According to the PMBEJD the average cost of feeding a child a basic nutritious diet in September was R695,74. This is far above the Child Support Grant of R440 a month.

State of the economy

On Tuesday, South Africa’s Finance Minister Tito Mboweni requested a week’s delay in the presentation of the Medium-Term Budget Policy Statement. The nation is waiting in anticipation to see how the government plans to help the desperate situation that the economy now faces.On Thursday, President Cyril Ramaphosa will present the Economic Reconstruction and Recovery Plan to parliament.