When it comes to marriage splits, co-parenting and navigating life as a newly-divorced man, Proverb has been there and done that

…and in the public eye, no less!

The Idols SA host and artist has shared his life story in a new memoir titled The Book Of ProVerb, which details his highs and lows in the industry – particularly a suicide attempt, living with depression and revealing that his wife and mother of his children had embarked on an extra-marital affair.

But the book is not all doom and gloom, and contains a number of life lessons…or should we say ‘proverbs’ on how the star made it through.

Chatting to All4Women, ProVerb reveals he found healing after his public split by self-introspection and finding and relying on a support system

“I had to reintroduce me to myself, remind myself of who I am and redefine for myself what I’m about. My children were and are a massive motivation to be an exemplary father to them but also to show them how one falls and fails but rises and learns from the bumps in the road.

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“My family were and still are my support system and my faith also plays a massive role in my healing and inner peace.

The star – who now claims he is at “peace” in his life – also offered advice to others going through similar experiences like relationship woes and co-parenting with an ex, as he did

And it’s all about taking the power back – of what you can control, claims Pro.

He added: “Focus on what you can control and that is you. Not the world, not circumstances and not anybody else. You have no control of the external but you have control of you, your thoughts, your attitude, your approach and response to life.

“Challenges are inevitable, and we decide how to respond to them. Once you realise that you are in control and have the power you can face anything as it doesn’t dictate to you, it doesn’t control you, you control how you respond to it.

“It all starts and ends with self”.