Eating a cupcake is the quickest and easiest way to devour an entire frosted cake. It was for this reason that the world’s most adorable desserts were first made in by American cookbook author Amelia Simmons who first shared her recipe in 1796

Celebrate national chocolate cupcake day on the 18th of October with a delicious chocolate cupcake made just for you.

A whole new world

Since the recipe for ‘light cakes baked in cups’ was published in 1796, the confectionary world has been in love with cupcakes. Altering their recipes to follow current tastes and trends and frosting them to themes.

Each cupcake is an entire cake made for one making them a convenient and economical snack cake with all the trimmings. Over 220 years later we’re celebrating Amelia Simmons revolutionary invention with rich and decadent chocolate cupcakes on national cupcake day, the 18th of October.

Orange and dark chocolate cupcake

Chocolate is a rich flavour that goes well with just about anything from sweet to savoury and even spicy flavours.

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Dark chocolate and orange are a great combination, and while it might not be the sticky sweetness of milk chocolate the kids might like, it’s a great flavour for the grown-up table especially those who lean more towards savoury flavours.

Orange and Dark Chocolate Cupcakes recipe

Death by Chocolate

Chocolate on chocolate on chocolate is a flavour only true chocolate lovers can survive. It’s rich, decadent and threatens to drown you in goodness with every bite.

Topped with a truffle, these cupcakes would not be ruined by a dusting of gold leaf.

Double Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Truffles recipe

Just a cake in a cup

A literal cupcake, a cake in a cup or mug cake is made super decadent by the fact that you can make one just for yourself in a matter of minutes; minimal prep and minimal clean up required.

It is a spontaneous dessert you can surprise yourself with especially when there is no one to share with.

Gooey Chocolate Mug Cakes Recipe


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Celebrate national chocolate cupcake day on the 18th of October with a delicious chocolate cupcake made just for you.

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