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As the month of October goes pink, South African women are talking about the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, #PinkDiaries.

This impactful campaign, launched by SA’s best-loved Strawberry cream liquor, Strawberry Lips, will feature intimate diary entries of 14 women and their journey with breast cancer. It’s inspiring, emotional and above all, educational.

You can share your thoughts with the following #PinkDiaries:

Danielle Bitton

Singer, actress and DJ, Danielle Bitton was living her dream as the lead Eva Peron in the hit musical Evita. Almost every night, she stood on the balcony of the Casa Rosada, in a gorgeous sparkling dress, dripping with jewels singing ‘Don’t Cry For Me Argentina’ for a packed audience in China. It all came crashing down around her as she discovered a lump in her breast. But, she went on to channel her fears and anxiety into the role she was born for – that of a warrior.

Zoë Brown

Though Zoë Brown hasn’t faced off against cancer herself, she knows two people who unfortunately lost their battles to breast cancer. Today, the radio and TV personality uses her platform to share her message as a breast cancer champion that early detection really is key. And for her, the only way we can shine a spotlight on this is for breast cancer warriors and survivors like those in #PinkDiaries to share their stories.

Zoë Brown

Jade Wyngaardt

Mompreneur, Jade Wyngaardt seemed to have it all – a promising career and a beautiful family, but her body was telling her a different story. After visiting her doctors, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, but as she was meant to begin her treatment, she discovered that she was pregnant with twins. Her doctors told her that her type of cancer meant that she would have to choose between her own life and that of her unborn children.

Charmaine Bronkhorst

Charmaine Bronkhorst says she is living proof of the wonders of early detections. While doing a routine mammogram, a lump was discovered in her breast. With the Charm’s Army (what her supporters dubbed themselves) in tow, she kicked her breast cancer and is looking forward to celebrating her big 5-0 next year.

With hundreds of comments being posted in support of these breast cancer warriors, survivors and champions, Strawberry Lips has once again proved that open dialogue is vital in spreading awareness of breast cancer and the importance of early detection.

Charmaine Bronkhorst


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