Lee Thompson believes that he went into The Bachelor South Africa with every intention to find true love, but he got a lot more than he bargained for…

In fact, he says he fell in love with two women during the short two-month filming process. But after the show wrapped and the glitter faded, he realised that not everything was as it seemed.

Now, after a two-year ‘healing’ process, Lee is ready to spill the tea on everything that happened behind the scenes on the show.He hopes that his new book, The Truth Behind the Rose, will inspire others. Lee says he battled with mental health issues after the show, which affected his businesses and his love life.

After seeking help from professional counsellors, he has been able to piece his life back together, and understand how his past, his childhood, and his previous relationships all affected him.“I’d like to share my full life story with the world and sum it up into one book,” says Lee.

“I feel that a lot of people want to know more about me and the show. I have a lot that I want share with the world in detail – the good, the bad and the ugly.”

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No regrets

While Lee says that he has no regrets about appearing on the show, he would do things differently if he had a chance to go back.

“After watching the show and learning a lot more about what went on behind the scenes and about the ladies I would have made different choices in terms of the women I selected,” he says.

“There were numerous occasions where I was manipulated by production into keeping certain women in the show that I wanted out.”

In an in-depth interview with Gareth Cliff, Lee said that the thing that he regretted most was how the show had affected his family.

He told the radio host that he tried to be honest with the women about his past, and was assured by the production team that the personal information wouldn’t be aired. However, he found out later that it was included in the show.“It really affected my relationship with my mom,” says Lee. Thankfully they have now repaired their relationship.

Family, love, and career

Lee says his book is all about truth. From the truth about his childhood ups and downs to previous relationships, family life, school days and business ventures.

“The book will also focus a lot about the show- the good times as well as the deception, manipulation and lies that went on.”

“I’ll be speaking about some of the women in the book as well. Putting a lot of the false rumours to bed. My book will take this huge weight off my shoulders which I’ve been carrying around for some time now.”


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Finally found you.

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Finding love again

While Lee says the show made him wary of women and their true intentions, he also realised how important love is. He believes that he has now found “the right person” and is committed to treasuring his relationship with her.

His new love has asked to remain out of the public eye for now. “I think this says so much about her,” Lee told Gareth Cliff.

Lee has, however dropped a few hints about his new love.Lee’s new love is from a small Afrikaans town in South Africa, and her pet name for Lee is “liefie”!

“She is doctor and specialises in Ophthalmology,” says Lee. She was part of the millions of medical workers who battled the Covid-19 pandemic during its peak infection rate in South Africa.According to Lee, “she’s beautiful inside and out. We share the same sense of humour and she has motivated me to become a better man.”

He told All4Women that they enjoy scheduling romantic dates at least once a week. “We try out different restaurants in a romantic setting and just chatting about the things that make us happy.”


The couple also loves to braai together, play board games, and spend time with their adorable new puppy, Skyler.

“She is the most adorable puppy and we love her very much. She’s always happy to see us and she puts a smile on our faces. I must admit, I did just arrive home one day with her to surprise my girlfriend with the new puppy. I was in the dog box at first but that only lasted a day,” laughs Lee.