Last updated on Jun 10th, 2021 at 04:25 pm

Recently I’ve been starting all my days with a cup of coffee, I use the term coffee loosely. What I drink the coffee snobs call a chicory drink when they’re being polite. I call it awesome

Starbucks Reserve isn’t the kind of ‘bar’ I’d usually be perched at, but one grey mid-week afternoon, it’s where I was with my eyes wider than usual sipping real coffee from tiny cups and swirling it around my mouth like wine.

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What is Starbucks reserve?

Starbucks describes its reserve bar as an intimate theatre of Coffee and that it was. A selection of delicious coffee is selected every season (coffee growing season) for the bar and prepared to the drinkers liking in instruments that look like they come straight out of Dexter’s laboratory.

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The focus at the Reserve Bar is getting to know coffee, understanding its tastes, where it comes from and how the efforts of coffee farmers around the world make it to your cup.

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Is the coffee any different?

I have not been converted, R50 for a cup of coffee every day isn’t something I’m going to start doing, but I was impressed.

There are characters, dimensions and definite touches of something divine in every slurped sip, bubbling and swirling around the tongue touching on the different taste zones of the tongue and showing off.

Starbucks Reserve shows off the science of coffee, from how the environment it’s grown in affects the taste of the bean to how production and preparation make the bean coffee and how the preparation, pressure heat and filtering affect the taste of every sip.

Coffee date anyone?

A good date lets you get to know your date better, after a great date you get to know yourself better too.

There is an option on The Reserve Bar menu that is similar to a wine tasting and lets you experiment and get to know the different types of coffee and how to bring out your favourite elements in them. You can sip, chat, share and experiment.

It’s an awesome idea for a first date and when things aren’t going as expected the barista can always carry the conversation.

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