Last updated on Nov 12th, 2020 at 07:09 pm

A proverb is a wise and learned saying …and that’s exactly what you can expect to find in rapper, TV & radio personality Proverb’s new memoir, which officially launches this month

…after all he has accumulated plenty of pearls of wisdom during his life in the spotlight.

Having gone through a very public marriage split, which involved infidelity from his partner, depression and even a suicide attempt, the Idols SA host has plenty he wants to share with his fans and followers. And that includes practical help in overcoming many of life’s hurdles.

ProVerb chatted to All4Women about his new offering The Book of ProVerb and how he hopes it will inspire readers going through a similar situations in their lives…


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What can we expect from The Book of ProVerb?

The book is an honest account of an ordinary guy from a small town who took to the big city chasing his dream. It details all the challenges encountered personally, professionally and otherwise.

I pay tribute to my late mom, grandmother, my entire family and support system and celebrate all the strides I’ve made in music, television, radio and business.

I also don’t shy away from speaking about my darker times and how I’ve navigated around them to find happiness and peace.

So expect to connect, relate and hopefully be inspired.

Why do you think it’s the perfect time to tell your ‘side of the story’?

I think I’ve had a fair bit of life experiences like many, I’ve enjoyed some longevity in my career and learnt plenty along the way which positions me well to share some of my perspectives and opinions, but also the lessons from my personals failures and hardships and how I continue to learn, grow and develop as a person, a parent and as a businessman.

What life lessons do you touch on? 

I speak on depression and how I’ve managed to crawl out of it, finding peace and not needing validation from the world but also redefining who I am and taking ownership of my many challenges.

On the business front I advocate for diversifying ones portfolio, casting the net wide and also empowering ourselves with education, forging the right relationships and the lessons learnt in business.

In the past you’ve spoken about your suicide attempt and struggles with depression – what help have you sought and how is your mental health now?

This for me is the biggest take-away I hope those who read the book receive. I address how depression is a daily struggle and how I service my peace and wellbeing daily by focusing on all the positives, being eternally optimistic and by celebrating the milestones big or small.

I’m in a fantastic space, personally and professionally. I’m fortunate to do what I love and get so much fulfilment doing it. My kids are blossoming and this is my biggest source of happiness and peace.

Why is it important for celebrities to speak out about their mental health?

It’s important for anyone and everyone to speak on and address mental health issues regardless of position, status or race.

Depression does not discriminate but it feeds on silence and shame. If we speak more openly about it we can exchange information, ideas and eventually solutions.

This is also why I felt the need to pen my experiences around this to hopefully lift someone who is struggling or just needs to know that they are not alone and no-one is immune.

What do you want the public to know about the space you are currently in?

I’m at peace, I’m good with me and if anything I’m hoping sharing my story will inspire the next person to find their peace.

The Book Of Proverb officially launches across the country in October. Click here for more information on where you can purchase a copy.