Lady Zamar has long documented her struggle with acne…but it looks as though those days may be over!

The singer showed off a glowing selfie of her make-up free skin on social media to the amazement of her fans.
“After the acne has gone”, she captioned the glowing image.

Fans begged the star to share her tips to her problem-free skin, but unfortunately for them, the star is keeping the details a secret.

Zamar also responded to a viral tweet from a tweep who also shared their journey from problem to clear skin.

“I went through this acne phase so suddenly and so publicly.. it was a mess.. So glad you’ve made it thru this horrible phase …I wish healing to everyone going through this now”.

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According to the tweep, she used a course of Oratane, which is prescribed for patients with severe acne.

The singer has previously opened up about her skin woes, stating she was seeking treatment from a dermatologist.

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