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There is a lot of talk and interest in CBD products around the world and when we first heard about CBD lube we were taken aback, to say the least. Put the thoughts of dizzying psychedelic sex out of your mind

Cheeba Africa the exclusive distributor for Foria CBD Intimacy brand in South Africa say  Foria lubricant with CBD will enhance your sexual experience, but it definitely isn’t a drug.

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Why would you want lube anyway?

Lube, short for lubricant can be used to enhance sexual experience in many ways. While a lubricant is used primarily to ease penetration and reduce friction when natural lubrication is not enough, lube has so many other uses that enhance the sexual experience, making it a great addition to anyone’s sexual experience.
Some lubricants offer sensations, scents, flavours and like Foria lubricant enhanced with CBD oil (distributed by Cheeba Africa’s ); lubricant can deliver some medicinal properties too.

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It really isn’t what you think

Although there has recently been so much information available on how CBD oil actually works, many peoples immediate instinct is to assume you will get some kind of high from using CBD oils, even if it’s just a mild one. You won’t.
“The buzz that CBD brings to the lube party is healthy relaxation, heightened pleasure and a boost of genuine sexual wellness that lasts a lot longer than just a single sexy session,” says Cheeba.
“Broad-spectrum CBD excludes psycho-active THC but maintains the integrity of the many other natural components of the health-giving cannabis plant such as terpenes and flavonoids,” they explain. So while Foria has the relaxing and calming properties of cannabis, its nothing like taking marijuana.

Lube isn’t just lube

Before you lube up and get down to business, there are things you need to consider.
Foria uses MCT coconut oil as a base, this makes it great for sensitive skin, but not safe to use with condoms which are very important to consider. ‘
Oil-based lubricants should not be used with latex condoms, water-based lubricants are the safest option if you are using condoms.
Physiotherapist and pelvic health specialist, Candice Jane Langford, the social media innovator of @nurtureyourvagina, says you need to be considerate of your needs and know what you’re looking for in a lube.
“Take a moment to read the ingredient list. Consider the source of your product of choice and be mindful of harsh ingredients that may cause irritation. The WHO (World Health Organization) recommends selecting lubrication that has a pH of 4.5 for vaginal use and less than pH 7 for rectal use. These factors will aid in helping you maintain natural vaginal pH and tissue integrity,” she says.

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Should CBD oil go there?

Your intimate areas are sensitive and it is completely normal to be very conscious of what you use on your intimate areas.

“When purchasing any new item we need to be mindful that we are all different and have different sensitivities to ingredients,” says Candice. “Before using a new lube do a patch test on your inner arm, and then on your inner thigh if you are particularly sensitive.  Rub it in for at least 2 minutes and monitor to see if you have any adverse effects,” she adds.