Singer, songwriter, model and dancer, Ciara Wilson, is one of a few fitness queens that have inspired many

Over the years we have been left in awe and impressed by the hard work she put in to make her body healthy and strong. Her fit physique and killer abs were definitely worth envying and her body was what most people dream of having.

Her passion for fitness is clearly the reason why she is able to put in so many hours at the gym while still making time for her growing family and successful music career.

The new mom of three has been sharing her weight loss journey after giving birth to her third child, Win Harrison Wilson, in July.

Ciara revealed in an Instagram post that she is planning to lose over 20kg – and she is already half way there!

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“48lbs to go! Starting the game plan tomorrow!! P.s. don’t know how easy it’s going be considering 3 baby’s now! Going to work really hard at this! Let’s go Mamma’s”, she captioned the image of her wearing a white costume.

ciara weight loss
Image source: Instagram @ciara

Ciara has been sharing videos on her Instagram page showing her postpartum workouts and updating her fans on her weight loss journey.

“Alright you’ll…ooohhh! Day 1!”, she said excitedly in a video of her first day back at the gym.

She lost about 7kg during these workouts with the help of personal trainer, Decker Davis, who is also her husband, Russell Wilson’s, personal trainer.

ciara workouts
Image source: Screenshot of video on Instagram @ciara

She took to her Twitter account to announce that she has joined a weight loss program. Ciara changed her eating plan and workout routine and lost an extra 3kg after starting the program.

ciara weight loss
Image source: Twitter @ciara


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