A first yoga class experience

I recently took advantage of an open weekend at Virgin Active and joined a free Sunday morning yoga class.

My experience of yoga is following a workout DVD about twice a month, so this was a completely new experience, and I wasn’t sure what to expect.

I was late to the class and much to my horror, found that the only spot open was right in front next to the instructor.

I was terrified. The class was packed (because it was free), I was in front, and I had very little yoga experience. But it was hands down the best workout I’ve had in my entire life.

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Here’s why…

Benefits of a yoga class

  • You learn to breathe and relax. We were told to breathe like Darth Vader in the beginning, which I’ll admit sounded rather odd. But it actually helped calm my mind full of busy thoughts.

  • It pushes your limits. I did moves in that class I would never have dreamed of doing or thought myself capable of. With a long warm-up and the instructor right there to see how I was performing every move, I had no worries at all â?? but I also knew my limits.

  • You leave feeling 100% Zen. Yoga is incredible, because it forces you to block out everything else and focus on flowing into a move. We did a 10-minute meditation at the end of the workout and I left feeling like a brand new person.

I recommend joining a yoga class to destress, get focused, find yourself, and just enjoy your body and all it’s capable of.

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