Last updated on Jan 28th, 2021 at 12:22 pm

DJ Zinhle has made another boss businesswoman move with her latest venture…and we have nothing but respect and admiration for her!

The entertainer and entrepreneur is simultaneously juggling many hats including being a mother, a musical artist and owner of a number of successful business ventures ranging from jewellery & fashion to decor & design to even being on her way to becoming a property mogul!

But Zinhle’s latest move has to be her most impressive yet. The award-winning Forbes Africa entertainer of the year has joined forces with an international sparkling wine beverage, Boulevard Nectar Rosè and has taken over as their new CEO!

This step sees Africa’s number 1 Female DJ become the first local artist to obtain equity in an international brand!

Building a future for Kairo

Prior to the announcement, Zinhle claimed that her latest money move was all about “building a better future” for her daughter – five-year-old Kairo Forbes, she shares with rapper AKA.

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“I’ve made a lot of mistakes, and I’m sure she will too,” Zinhle told All4Women in an exclusive interview about her new business venture.

“But at least she has someone she can look up to and something that she can build on. I’m very confident that all the business ventures I’ve invested in are going to be super successful and that’s a great legacy for Kairo.”

And Zinhle claims her latest career venture is Kairo’s “legacy”, she tweeted to her 3 million strong legion of followers on Monday.

Zinhle credits Basetsana Kumalo, Oprah Winfrey and even stars like Kim Kardashian who “are making great business moves everyday” as some of her top inspiration for business.

And like most women and mothers, Zinhle is grinding hard for her family – something we give her major credit for!

Following her exciting announcement, Zinhle chatted to All4Women about what inspires her and how she believes her hardworking hustle is equipping Kairo to follow in her footsteps…

A4W: How do you decide what to invest your brand in?

Zinhle: All my business ventures are really inspired by authenticity, my values and quality, so I am very big on doing things that speak to me.

So if a business venture is real to me and speaks to who I am, and has a high level of quality in it, it’s a ‘yes’ from me.

Boulevard Wines just made sense.. it’s a quality product and it’s about celebrations…which I love. The market is a growing one and there is a lot of potential for growth and I feel like a brand like Boulevard that is well packaged, beautiful to look at and tastes good is really a good move for me now.

DJ Zinhle and Kairo
DJ Zinhle is hoping to leave a legacy for daughter Kairo
Instagram @djzinhle

A4W: What business and entrepreneur skills are you teaching Kairo?

Zinhle: Kairo is surrounded by hardworking women, whether it’s her grandmothers, myself, my sisters and friends and whole team is mainly females and she’s around them all the time and she understands the value of hard work.

But more than anything, Kairo is a solution based thinker; anytime there is a problem she is always trying to find a way to resolve it…and that’s what I want to teach her, how to sell solutions, because that’s what people are looking for.

A4W: As a woman in South Africa, do you believe that women are empowered enough to become entrepreneurs? And if not, what needs to change?

Zinhle: A lot of black women are running successful businesses in South Africa, and I’m very proud of that. It means that we have potential to build something bigger.

We could use more support in education and in understanding what we are doing, as we definitely do have what it takes to be successful entrepreneurs.

DJ Zinhle reveals who her biggest role model is
Image: Supplied

A4W: Who is your biggest business role model?

Zinhle: I am inspired by a number of women for different reasons. Women like Basetsana Kumalo, Oprah Winfrey and even stars like Kim Kardashian who are making great business moves everyday.

I’m also inspired by a lot of women who are brave enough to start something and stick with it and work hard and make it successful. I’m also inspired by the women who are doing what they can, for example the ladies using Instagram to sell things and feed their families…those people inspire me.

Women who are on the game, who are working hard are really my greatest inspiration.