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Not every mom-to-be glows during pregnancy…and no-one ever tells you the about the affects of postpartum on your skin

Dr Karabo Juliet Tlale – a Johannesburg-based OB-GYN, who recently launched her new skincare range called Sensual You –  provides insight about pregnancy and postpartum skincare…

Adapting to your new skin

During pregnancy, the skin goes through a lot of changes. For most women, their skin improves and they gain a glow without any effort. This is mainly due to the hormone, oestrogen.

For others, however, it becomes a miserable journey due to the unfortunate development of acne, pigmentation, stretch marks, dryness and itchiness. This is usually due to the predominance of the hormone, progesterone, plus the loss of elasticity from the expanding skin and scratching.

The same can happen postpartum as well, where the worst becomes sagging skin after all the weight loss and obviously the relief of the stomach of its contents, the baby.

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Managing your expectations

To avoid or try to overcome these changes, one has to be proactive. This is mainly by drinking lots of fluids, mainly water, to stay hydrated.

Due to the multiple changes and with the over functioning body, usually about two litres of water daily is recommended to assist with hydration.

Moisturising the skin also becomes essential, when preventing or reducing stretch marks, and the best products become those which are natural products that are plant based.    

Taking care of your pregnant skin
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Taking care and being comfortable in your own skin

One should remember that the skin absorbs whatever is applied to it. So, avoidance of chemicals becomes beneficial and a safe measure to the unborn baby.

Pigmentation can also be prevented or reduced with most products. These include products containing the following ingredients; avocado, morula, cocoa and Shea butter, rice bran oil, sesame seed and capsicum and most of these products usually contain vitamin C and E. 

Exercise also plays a big role in maintaining good and healthy skin by promoting blood circulation and assisting with toning up the skin and muscles. Physical activity also works as a measure to relieve stress and build more stamina needed for labor and delivery.

Although not every person will experience the pregnancy ‘glow’, understanding how your body shifts and changes is important. There are various ways to improve your skin and overall health during pregnancy as well as postpartum.

Should you not feel comfortable in your skin, contact your doctor.

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