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Monday, 5 Oct 2020 – Episode 7904

Bill makes an effort to connect with Will but Will is not very interested. Liam and Hope are optimistic about their future and hopeful about what’s ahead of them. Katie gives Bill parenting advice when he calls her about Will. Bill interrupts Katie and Thorne’s romantic night when he arrives unannounced to bring Will home.

Tuesday, 6 Oct 2020 – Episode 7905

Hope invites Steffy to her wedding with Liam. When Liam asks Wyatt to be his best man, Wyatt gives Liam an earful. Steffy agrees to come to the wedding but asks if she can bring a plus one… Taylor! Aghast to learn that Hope invited Steffy and Taylor to the wedding, Brooke attempts to convince Hope to uninvite them.

Wednesday, 7 Oct 2020 – Episode 7906

Steffy calls Ridge, concerned about what might happen now that Taylor has left to meet Brooke. Brooke attempts to remain calm during her conversation with Taylor but breaks when Taylor insults Hope. Hope convinces Liam that inviting Steffy is the right thing to do. Steffy leans on her father for support.

Thursday, 8 Oct 2020 – Episode 7907

Emma gets jealous when Zoe flirts with Xander as he photographs her for the Intimates line. Later, Zoe makes a pitch to Quinn for the top spot on the runway then steals a kiss from Xander after he urges her to take it easy on Emma. Bill and Thorne argue when Thorne stands up for Katie and Will. Ridge expresses his pride in Steffy’s recent choices.

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Friday, 9 Oct 2020 – Episode 7908

Hope and Liam’s wedding begins and everyone is in awe of Hope’s breathtaking entrance. Bill admits to Justin that even though he did not expect to be invited to the wedding, it still stings that he is not with Liam on his son’s big day. Brooke shoots Taylor a stern look when Carter asks if anyone finds just cause for Liam and Hope not to be wed. Bill confesses his greatest fear to Justin. Unhappy, Taylor sits through the wedding in support of Steffy.

Saturday, 10 Oct 2020 – WEEKEND OMNIBUS at 16:00