Joe Biden’s supporters have launched a beauty brand under his name

The presidential candidate’s supporters are hoping to welcome “underrepresented voices” into the US by using makeup to unite people, with 100 per cent of the sales supporting his campaign.

A spokesperson said: “From the beginning of time to now, all people have participated in beautifying as an act of defiance. We’re excited to push forth the message that this country is only made powerful by the vast diversity of its people.

“We hope that all underrepresented voices from all walks of life feel welcomed in this nation. Beauty has the ability to unite and Biden Beauty’s aim is to be representative of everyone. We hope these products make constituents feel more empowered and less alone.”

The collection features a blue makeup sponge to blend foundations, concealers, highlighters and powders, that is coloured blue to match Biden’s campaign colours.

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Also on sale is three items of Biden merchandise including a hoodie, badges and an “America is Beautiful” tote bag.

The website also encourages its customers to vote with a link to register and some additional resources.

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