We all know that Gender Based Violence in South Africa is of ‘pandemic’ proportions…

This sentiment was echoed by our President, and is one of the major focuses of the government and community organisations in the country. But it’s not just in South Africa that women feel fearful and vulnerable.

From the gender pay gap, and workplace harassment, to personal safety, women around the world share this heart-breaking burden. And while there is no debate that there are certainly many ‘good’ men out there, it is the behaviour of the ‘bad’ ones that make us feel most vulnerable.

The issue was made even more clear recently when a TikTok user shared a video asking “What would you do if there were no men on earth for 24 hours…”

The video received thousands of responses from women around the world, and their comments were a sad reflection of the society we live in.

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From simply “wearing a bathing suit and visiting the beach” to the more serious “going on walks at night  and “feel safe I guess.”

Here are just some of the answers from women around the world:

  • “Wear whatever I want and feel safe while doing so”
  • “Go on a walk alone at night time and just vibe”
  • “Walk alone in the city and just breathe”
  • “Live how I want to live”
  • Ride bikes with my best friend at night without our guy friends having to be there for safety”
  • Blast music through BOTH of my airpods, wear a mini skirt and tube top, and take a walk late at night”

While the responses to the original TikTok video were shared in a screenshot by Twitter user, Veronica, some of the comments by men on her viral post were disturbing.

Men who were ‘offended’ by the tweet and the comments from women voiced their opinions.

For some women, the men’s comments only served to confirm their original sentiments – that the world might just be a better place without the (bad) men.