Last updated on Jun 23rd, 2021 at 12:08 pm

South African TikToker, Thia_in_blossom recently shared a video about how to protect yourself if you’re feeling vulnerable while alone in a lift-sharing vehicle…

In the video below, Thia_in_blossom demonstrates a ‘fake’ phonecall that you can make that gives the impression that you are being expected home shortly, and that your journey is being tracked by a loved one.

Mentioning that you have a partner or husband at home also adds a sense of security, and may ensure that any opportunistic attacker thinks twice before targeting you.

“This is good advice,” says Warrant Officer Grant Giblin from the Benoni Flying Squad. “If you’re travelling alone, always inform a friend, colleague or family member when you leave for a destination. Let them know your expected time of arrival, then let know when you’ve arrived safely.  safe.

The South African Police Service and Vodacom launched a new crime-fighting app in October last year. Called MySAPS, the app aims to help report crime, and send emergency alerts in case of danger.

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There are a number of other commercial apps on the market that are used as ‘emergency buttons’ that track your location and send emergency vehicles to assist.

Watch the video below to see the suggestions from TikTok’s Thia_in_blossom:


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