It isn’t just about Heritage Month, local food has definitely won over South African taste buds. From Mogodu Mondays to Instagrammerable kotas we are all loving Kasi cuisine more than ever before

Kasi food has got to be one of our favourite food trends and it isn’t just about Instagram aesthetics, it’s about taste and flavour too.

Back to our roots

Who would have imagined we’d be raving about tripe more than we are about the latest burger craze?
Traditional foods are not just something we eat at home anymore; they’re restaurant-quality food with Mzansi’s stamp of approval. Mogodu is just one traditional food that has gained popularity, cow heels, idombolo and other foods have become popular takeaways and restaurant options.

Shisanyama still a hit

There is something about cooking meat over hot coals that get South African’s salivating. Braai meat isn’t just about an occasion, we tuck into juicy pieces of wors while sitting at our desks on random Wednesday afternoons.
Not only is braai something we do on the weekend, but it’s also something we eat and enjoy

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It’s Kota to lunch

While they may be close relatives, a Kota is not a bunny chow and, it’s all about the fillings. From Russians to burger patties, bacon and even avo, the Kota is an ever-evolving food filled with whatever fast foods delight the taste buds of customers.
With festivals celebrating this over-the-top street food, how could you deny its awesomeness?

More is more

Like the Americans, South Africans are taking to the life of excess, and we want more of absolutely everything; monster shakes, extra chips, more toppings and more cheese.
The dagwood has been a favourite in South Africa because of the variety of foods inside. Typically a toasted sandwich with eggs, burger patty a slice of cheese and more; popular dagwoods are also not topped with cheese, the more it oozes, the better.


Cheesy Mushroom & Spinach Loaded Polenta

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SASKO Chakalaka stokbrood

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No-bake Milk Tart Recipe

This minimal effort milk tart skips the pressure of baking a crust, making sure it has a balanced taste and making sure it bakes evenly before adding the filling. Not sure we’re ever baking a milk tart again. 

The Van Helsing: Bovril, Bacon & Garlic Roosterbrood Recipe

The Van Helsing: Bovril, Bacon & Garlic Roosterbrood Recipe

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