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Minnie Dlamini has had her fans and followers guessing over her unborn baby’s gender after she hinted an outfit she was wearing could possibly hold the clues to it

The media personality recently announced her pregnancy, and last week the star took to her social media to share another pic of her glowing and growing baby bump.

In light of Heritage Day, the pic was of Minnie dressed in traditional wear, which she claimed was culturally significant and particularly pertinent to her pregnancy reveal; everything from her head dress down to the colours she chose were symbolic of certain aspects of her life.

And the gem that caught us all by surprise – Minnie claimed that the ‘pregnancy apron’ worn with the ensemble could also reveal the baby’s sex!

“I’m dressed in a bespoke Zulu pregnancy apron called “Ingcayi” …The patterns on a maternity apron determine many things, among which is the sex of the baby”.

But Minnie stopped short of describing the pattern or what it represented. Her followers however, gave it their best shot at taking a guess.

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“I think it’s a girl, now that you’ve mentioned the symbols”, claimed one fan, whilst another added: “So long story short, you’re having a boy?”.

A third added: “Perhaps one of each?”

Take a look at the pic that has everyone scratching their heads…


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I had so many ideas of how I wanted to reveal my pregnancy and as usual I was looking for something that hadn’t be done before. In the attempt to pay respect to my culture, I did some research on how a Zulu pregnant woman looked like back in the day. Our culture is so rich with amazing clothing, patterns, colors and designs, all of which have symbolic meaning. For example the hat a woman wears symbolizes that she is a married woman. The clothes she wears symbolizes whether she is a girl, a woman, a wife, or a mother to be. The patterns on a maternity apron determine many things, among which is the sex of the baby 😉 In this image shot in my backyard, to represent where my child will be raised, I’m dressed in a bespoke Zulu pregnancy apron called “Ingcayi” hand made and beaded by @asandamadyibi Historically the hide would have been a gift from my father in law from a hunt. The beadwork and design would have been handmade & gifted to me by mother in law with messeges and symbols of the family liniage almost like the western family crest. I’m so proud to show off my culture in a time where so much creativity and evolution has made us look at the art instead of the rich cultural meanings behind the items we fashionably wear today. I am and always will be a proud Zulu woman. #HappyHeritageDay #Zulu #ShakasDay #Culture 🇿🇦

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