We all know how unpredictable, and sometimes frustrating, the weather can be in spring

So, we are here to make sure you are always armed and ready when the weather’s ‘mood’ changes again.

There are various elements to keep in mind when layering – and they can make or break your outfit – so check out the tips below to get it right every time.

Stunning layered combos with a check shirt, boxy shirt & oversized denim shirt from Superbalist

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Tips on how to layer perfectly for spring

Colours, colours, colours! Adding colour is the best way to make any look pop. The trick here is to choose colours that coordinate and complement each other. Also, items used for layering on top should be bigger than the ones underneath.

Pretty layered looks from Miladys, Zara & Donna

Another important tip to know is to keep textures in mind. Wearing two or three different textures will add interest to your look. This is a great chance to have fun and experiment with all the various textures that are available.

Cardigan & Vinyl trench coat from Superbalist & blue water-repellent jacket from Zara

Keep your body shape in mind. Avoid unflattering clothes that will add extra weight to your body. Remember to balance loose or baggy clothes with tight fitting items.

Layered jumpsuit, sweater & scarf from Superbalist

Get some tips on how to layer from these impressive celebrity looks


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