Did you know that storing food in the right place in your fridge is important from a food safety angle?

Here are some tips about where to store your fresh produce in the fridge to ensure the food lasts longer, and keeps your family healthy.

Where should my food be stored in the fridge?

  • Meat and fish need to be kept on the bottom shelf where any juices won’t spill onto other foods
  • Dairy products, like milk and cheese, can be stored on the middle shelves
  • Vegetables will stay fresher for longer in the most humid part of the fridge like veggie drawers
  • Fruit, on the other hand, needs lower humidity
  • The best spot for any ready-to-eat food is the top shelf (which conveniently keeps it away from hungry little hands too
  • The fridge door is the perfect place for your tomato sauce, mayonnaise, mustard and other condiments

HOW should I store food in the fridge?

Knowing where to keep certain food is one thing, but having an understanding of how to store it is another trick worth learning.

A well-organised fridge allows cool air to circulate more evenly, which keeps food fresher. It’ll also make your life easier when taking things out to cook.

While fruit and vegetables can be kept fresh in the built-in drawer, you might want to think about storing meat, fish, dairy and even leftovers in see-through containers.

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If you can, avoid stacking containers on top of each other – you’ll struggle to get things out when you need them.

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LG’s improved InstaView refrigerator has LINEAR Cooling and DoorCooling features which create optimal conditions to keep food fresher for longer. It also uses the power of light to improve health and hygiene. Its UVnano technology harnesses ultraviolet LED light to disinfect the water dispenser outlets once every hour (or you can do it manually at any time) to remove bacteria from the fridge.