Heritage Day does not have to be braai day, you and your family can enjoy a variety of proudly South African dishes instead

Step away from the tried and tested braaivleis and explore something new from South Africa’s rich and varied culinary heritage.

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Chicken like gran makes

You can’t fake the taste of hand raised chicken, it tastes like a traditional South African gathering and like… well… home. 

The feeling of community that comes with cooking together and seeing how all the individual efforts that family makes from slaughtering the chicken to butchering cleaning and cooking it comes together on a delicious plate.

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Get the full experience and cook Olwethu Leshabane’s recipe for umleqwa perfectly paired with idombolo (steamed bread) the whole family will love.

South African food. Umleqwa recipe.

The ultimate one-pot meal

Biryani is a family meal famous the world over and is known for bringing people together. Cook up a big pot of flavourful Biryani to share with the entire family and create a one bowl buffet.

Aunty Zaida’s Chicken Biryani is the warm and loving hug we all need this year. Whether you are serving a large number of guests or leaving some biryani for the next day when the meal is twice as nice you can’t go wrong with this recipe for Chicken Biryani.

(Image by claire Warneke)

‘Pap on steroids’

Don’t just make a pot of pap for Heritage Day. Bulk up your pap with spinach and beans and make Is’jabane or umkhupha; a healthier and more nutritious version of pap that really packs a flavour punch.

Serve umkhupha with just about anything you like including stews and even just simply cooked veggies.

Image courtesy of A Blog Like No Other


Cheesy Mushroom & Spinach Loaded Polenta

Cheesy Mushroom & Spinach Loaded Polenta Recipe by SAMFA

Perfect for a mid-week family meal. Try this easy Cheesy Mushroom & Spinach Loaded Polenta Recipe

SASKO Chakalaka stokbrood

Add a tasty twist to your stokbrood with another braai time favourite, chakalaka. 

The Clucking Good Chicken & Mozarella Braai Bov-Roll Recipe

The Clucking Good Chicken & Mozzarella Braai Bov-Roll Recipe

A different take on the traditional braaibroodjie, how about trying a Bov-roll instead?! Chicken, cheese and Bovril plus soft Portuguese rolls and onion.

No-bake Milk Tart Recipe

This minimal effort milk tart skips the pressure of baking a crust, making sure it has a balanced taste and making sure it bakes evenly before adding the filling. Not sure we’re ever baking a milk tart again. 

The Van Helsing: Bovril, Bacon & Garlic Roosterbrood Recipe

The Van Helsing: Bovril, Bacon & Garlic Roosterbrood Recipe

There’s nothing like some roosterbrood for comfort and nostalgia. While there’s little to beat a warm fresh roosterbrood with butter and apricot jam, we also love this recipe for a savoury version.