Metro FM & TV personality Pearl Shongwe has shared a near-kidnapping experience of a close family member…and it’s bound to send shivers down your spine!

With attempted kidnappings and human trafficking stats reportedly on the rise – especially amongst children and young adults – South Africans are being urged to be more vigilant of their surroundings, including those they come into contact with.

In a Twitter thread, Pearl revealed how her nephew was accosted by a passer-by who attempted to lure him by dropping a wad of cash on the floor in front of him.

She tweeted: “He was walking home from my moms shop (500m/less). A man walked passed him, (in a hurry). He dropped a roll of cash, my nephew (“N”) saw it & called after to tell him he’d just dropped his money.

“The man asked him to please pick it up for him, which he did. He gave him the money and suddenly the man pulled a knife on him and searched his pockets. My nephew had his phone on him. They had an exchange because my nephew wanted his phone back.

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Pearl claimed that the stranger was then joined by 3 more men who tried to force her nephew into their car

Luckily for him, friends and other community members; including an off-duty policeman, came to his rescue.

“The kid was fighting for his life… nothing breaks my heart more. He thought he was being the child he’s raised to be by helping an adult, kanti it’s a trap. I spoke to him & when I asked how he’s feeling, he said ‘Futhi intliziyo yam’ ibuhlungu but ngizoba right’ [My heart’s hurting, but I’ll be alright]”

Pearl added that the car’s registration was listed as fake and expressed her sadness for adults and children who could no longer play without the fear of something sinister happening to them.

She continued: “They got away. The car registration that was taken down was fake. It’s one of many incidents that have been common in Sebokeng & Orange Farm (Infact SA nje) sorry to every parent that has to tell their kids they can’t go play…I’m sorry that our children can’t just be children…The trauma… the thought of what could’ve been is killing us but him especially. Grateful that he’s safe.”

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