It’s Heritage Month and Minister of Finance, Tito Mboweni is flexing his cooking skills again. This time, he’s cooked up a feast of mopane worms (Masonja), and shared the recipe with Twitter…

It was a toss-up between pilchards and masonja, but Twitter followers voted for some crispy caterpillar.

According to, “The worms are highly nutritious, and some even regard them as truly delicious. Mashonzha also called Mopane Worms, Mopani Worms, Masonja or Amasonja are a delicacy throughout Southern Africa in countries like South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe.”

Mboweni documented the cooking process, showing his ingredients and method as he went.

Tweeps called on the minister to go easy on the garlic – recalling a past recipe which featured a very large portion of garlic. They also queried his use of some tomatoes that looked a little past their best.

“As per popular vote, the amount of garlic has been reduced! Now here we go! This won’t be long. But I have to soak the masonja in boiling water first. Done in two hours’ time. Later!” Mboweni tweeted.

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He showed some pics of the chopped ingredients which included tomatoes, onions, peppers, garlic, and soaked masonja worms.

He prepped the vegetables separately from the masonja, then combined them at the end

Dinner was served at the dining room table, in style. But from the pics, it looked like Tito Mboweni ate this particular meal alone.

While some twitter users praised the minister for his healthy dinner, others weren’t so impressed by the meal and suggested he attend a cooking class.

Some questioned why he served it up with rice as it is most often served with pap, samp, or steamed bread.

What do you think of the mopane/masonja masterpiece?




Why rice?



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