The parents of a 3-year-old girl were left traumatised after a man tried to snatch their daughter through a car window on Friday…

According to a TimesLIVE report, the father was driving in Boksburg while the mother sat in the passenger seat. Their daughter was strapped in a child safety seat at the back. The family had the windows slightly open because it was hot.

When they stopped at an intersection, the horror unfolded. A man approached the family’s vehicle and reached into the car, trying to grab the child. The mother held tightly to her daughter’s legs and they sped off, leaving the suspect behind.

Police confirmed that a suspect has been arrested.  Read the detailed description of the terrifying events HERE.

Earlier this month, All4Women reported on another incident during which an unknown man tried to snatch a child.

The child was sitting with her family at a restaurant in Florida in the West Rand. A man climbed over the balustrade and tried to make off with the child.

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The alleged kidnapping was thwarted by the owner of the restaurant.

The father of the suspect has denied that his son is linked to a child trafficking syndicate.

According to News24, he said that his son has a drug dependency problem and must be held accountable for his attempt to snatch the child.

On social media, concerned citizens have connected recent kidnappings to human trafficking. Using the hashtag #HumanTrafficking, they called on authorities to act harshly against anyone who attempts to harm children.

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