Clear glowing skin is the envy of the beauty world. With so many ways to achieve the appearance of clear and glowing skin, is clear skin still a measure of skin health?

Acne can appear as signs of bad or unhealthy skin, but as the body’s largest organ, the skin is often affected by what goes on in other parts of the body too.

What causes acne?

There are three main causes of acne; excess oil production, clogged hair follicles and bacteria. 

While these can be treated by altering your skincare routine, there is sometimes an internal cause for acne and its cosmetic causes.

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 According to Lamelle-Ovaria PCOS, a reproductive illness affecting a woman’s ovarian system can affect many other parts of the body including the skin causing acne and excess body hair.

 “PCOS impacts your ovaries and can cause infertility, and it’s usually only discovered when a woman struggles to conceive,” they explain.

“New research says that PCOS can show up at any age and as some of the most common “everyday” symptoms women experience today; irregular, missed (or absent) menstrual cycles, weight loss or weight gain (the kind that you feel you can’t control), acne, pimples and oily skin. Excess hair growth and, in later life, difficulty falling pregnant,” Lamelle-Ovaria recently shared.

Ovaria is Lamelle’s natural answer to improved ovarian health and is taken as a supplement to help correct PCOS related complications including acne.

“The naturally-occurring ingredients in Ovaria bind to cell receptors, activating the signalling pathways that regulate thyroid hormones and, most importantly, insulin in the body. This means Ovaria helps normalise blood insulin levels, which normalises androgen and improves the symptoms of PCOS,” they explain.

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Hormonal changes

Other hormonal changes and imbalances can also affect the skin causing excess oil and acne. This is seen especially during puberty where the balance of hormones changes and fluctuates.

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A bad diet

Your diet affects the health of all your organs, including your skin. Allergies and food sensitivities sometimes show up on the skin as well as a bad diet. According to natural skin and wellness store Eco Diva, skincare should be a holistic process, starting from the inside with the nutrients we take in. 

“At Eco Diva, we focus on encouraging our clients to learn how to nourish themselves from the inside out. Like the engine room in a ship, our gut needs to be fed with the correct fuel/nutrition for the ship or body to work effectively and efficiently,” they said.

The Eco Diva team added that a regular and efficient digestive system that expels waste properly can contribute to healthier skin too.

“When people suffer from constipation or colon issues, due to poor gut health, toxic waste must be released. If it is not being released through the digestive system, it will come out of the skin, ” they said, adding that it is of vital importance to stay hydrated and drink 6-8 glasses of good clean water to flush your system of toxins. 


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