The worst part is that, in a month, it can happen all over again! Practise cold prevention and minimise the number of colds you get each year.

Read on for some useful guidelines…

1. Eat real food

Boosting your immune system with fresh fruit and vegetables is the most intelligent thing you can do to help prevent the common cold. Citrus is seasonal right now and packed with cold-preventing vitamin C. Eat the real thing, which is always nutritionally superior to a packaged or processed product.

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2. Get sunshine every day

With our extreme levels of sunshine here in South Africa, there is no need for a vitamin D supplement. Just try to make sure that your face, arms and torso get 15 minutes of midday sun every day when the sun shines – without sunscreen. This is enough to boost your immune system through natural vitamin D.

3. Eat yogurt

Yogurt supports good bacteria. Make sure, however, to eat only natural yogurt without artificial chemical colourants and flavours. If you make your own yogurt – even better – since you will avoid preservatives as well.

4. Drink lots of water

Your system needs heaps of plain water. Try to drink a glass of water before you drink any other beverage. People who regularly eat fast foods, processed foods and animal foods need more water than those who eat mainly fresh vegetables. This is due to high fat, salt, sugar and trans-fat levels of processed foods.

5. Wash your hands frequently

Keep your hands scrupulously clean. Research indicates that your laptop keyboard contains more harmful bacteria than the inside of your toilet bowl! Don’t rub your eyes, nostrils, or ears if your hands aren’t clean, and take special care when using public toilet facilities.

6. Take a daily multi-vitamin supplement

A daily multivitamin will help you fight off colds by supporting your immune system.

7. Get enough sleep in winter

Sleep a bit longer in winter than you normally do. Sleep will benefit your immune system in order to help protect your body from the common cold.

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