The parents of a boy who was barred from attending classes while wearing isiphandla at his Christian school have taken the matter to the Equality Court…

An isiphandla is a bracelet made of animal skin that symbolises a connection between the wearer and their ancestors…

In July, All4Women reported on the case of the 9-year-old boy who was sent home for wearing isiphandla.

The matter came to light after a letter the school allegedly sent to the parents surfaced on social media.

The letter quotes the Christian Life Private School.

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“As a Christian school, we stand very strongly against all forms of spiritual connection, charms, rituals and devices for protection other than that of Jesus and the Holy Spirit of God.”

Social media was divided between people who believed that the school was within its rights to send the child home, whereas others thought the action was discriminatory.

According to a Sowetan report, the matter is now before the Equality Court.

The parents are demanding that the school provides counselling for the child, and develops a plan to reintegrate him.

In an affidavit, school principal Virginia Naidoo said that the child had not been removed from the school but rather had been asked to stay home until the isiphandla falls off or is taken off.

The school believes that mediation would have been a better option than taking the matter to court.

Representing the family is lawyer Mabu Marweshe. Marweshe and the family is still scrutinising the school’s court papers.

“We have received their answering paper and are taking instruction from our clients in order to prepare a replying affidavit in due course,” Marweshe said.

The school reiterated that beliefs that contradicted school policy “would not be welcomed, and not be accepted.”

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