Last updated on Jun 21st, 2021 at 12:30 pm

Child kidnappings and human trafficking have been trending topics in South Africa recently…

Who is most at risk? How can we protect our children from kidnapping attempts?

These are the questions parents are asking after a bizarre incident of an alleged attempted child kidnapping took place at Johannesburg restaurant a few weeks ago. CCTV footage shows the accused leaping over a railing, and grabbing onto a child who was seated in the restaurant.

Thankfully, the alert restaurant owner, Dishal Sooku, intervened and has now been hailed a national hero. Sooku is drained in various martial arts and used his skills to overpower the suspect.

The incident sparked much conversation about the seeming increase in child kidnapping incidents and human trafficking in South Africa.

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How can we keep our kids safe?

“It’s scary to think that we have to keep our eyes glued to our kids all the time and take extra special precautions to keep them safe – especially when we’re out and about. But it takes 2 seconds for a child to disappear,” noted Author Xanet Scheepers from Living and Loving.

Scheepers spoke to National Co-ordinator of Missing Children South Africa, Bianca van Aswegen who weighed in on the stats. She identified the age of children most at risk of kidnapping, and listed a number of ways that parents can help protect their children and make SA a safer place for all.

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