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She was born so prematurely that her birth was classified as a miscarriage. But tiny baby Grace – who weighed just 500g when she entered the world – has finally gone home…

It’s been a rollercoaster ride for mom, Jacqueline Petro who thought that she would have to say goodbye to her little girl. “I told the doctor to give me my baby and I put her on my chest and told the Lord that if He wants to take her, He needs to do it now, because He won’t have this chance again tomorrow,” she said.

Baby Grace spent 116 days in the George Hospital. Initially she was given just a 20% chance of survival, but her tenacity and fighting spirit left doctors in awe.

She was discharged on Saturday.  “Her survival is a testimony to the value of the three pillars of good basic neonatal care: a warm incubator combined with kangaroo care, safe oxygen therapy with high-flow nasal cannula oxygen, and breast milk,” said Dr Ilse Els, head of the neonatal ICU at George Hospital. “This, wrapped in a care package of dedicated nursing and medical staff, and then a little fighting spirit in a 500g fighter.”

Baby Grace and her mom, Jacqueline Petro .
Baby Grace and her mom, Jacqueline Petro .
(Pictures courtesy of WC Health Department)


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While little Grace will still face a number of challenges ahead, she will remain under the care of doctors at the hospital, and will be assisted with occupational therapy.

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