Summer bodies are due in the next few days and many of us haven’t made the efforts we thought we’d make. In our searches for the quickest, easiest route to getting a summer body, the word detox often comes up

Should you do it? 

We’ve searched for answers for our detox questions to help you decide if it’s the way to go this summer.

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What is a detox diet?

A detox diet can come in many forms; whether it’s a series of enemas, eating certain ‘cleansing foods’ or taking medications. Detox aims at cleansing your body of toxins that either influence your health or block you from reaching your health and weight loss goals.

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According to, detoxing can sometimes involve periods of fasting aimed at ‘re-booting’ your system and your metabolism. In the case of weight loss detoxes, the detox is a short-term intervention meant to kick-start a healthier way of eating, living and weight loss

Is a detox actually healthy?

While many dieters and cleansing products make claims to improving wellbeing and accelerating weight loss, others have claimed that the effects are only temporary and do not contribute to long term weight loss or health.

One study published in Havard Health Publications claimed that because detoxes do not provide ongoing benefits or usually contribute to healthy nutrition they are only stop-gap measures that instead of correcting dietary problems provide temporary relief. With no lasting benefits.

The study suggests that long-term changes to your diet and lifestyle allowing your body to gradually and repeatedly rid its self of toxins and unwanted substances are healthier and more sustainable.

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Can you lose weight from a detox diet?

Most detox diets involve some sort of purges and fasting restricting what comes in and increasing what comes out which at least lead to some weight loss.

A popular detox diet, the master cleanse or lemonade diet has been used by dieters since 1940 and has since been used by stars like Beyoncé so shed the kilos quickly. It isn’t easy though since when on the master cleanse diet you eat absolutely nothing and sustain yourself on a spicy lemonade mixture which is said to be a diuretic and laxative to some extent.

Is detox weight loss sustainable?

Multiple diet sites have specified that although weight loss is one result of a detox diet, it isn’t the actual aim, even when the detox is t kick start an actual weight loss diet. The aim of the detox is to get your body working optimally.

As with and temporary measure the results only last as long as the diet does and with extreme diets like the master cleanse, it’s impossible to stay healthy while continuing long term.


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